Long-time Vinton-Shellsburg teacher and coach Don Lyle is a finalist for one of the National Coach of the Year Awards from the National High School Athletic Coaches Association.

Lyle was nominated in the category of "Assistant Coach, Boys Sports" along with several others. He is a long-time varsity football assistant coach, and has helped coach a variety of middle school and high school teams over the past 40 years.

”Don is one of the most devoted and knowledgeable coaches I have worked with," says Viking Head Football Coach Patrick Farley, who nominated Coach Lyle for the award. "His work ethic is second to none and he is an invaluable member of our coaching staff."

Activities Director Jim Struve, who has served on the V-S coaching staff with Lyle for two decades, agrees.

"Coach Lyle displays all the characteristics one looks for in a coach," says Struve. "He is the most well-respected, hard working, loyal, compassionate, caring, and dedicated person I have ever had the pleasure to coach with. He coaches with the same passion, energy and commitment, no matter the ability level of the athlete or the age level, from Middle School to Varsity. Coach Lyle is the true definition of a teacher and coach."

A total of 19 Iowa coaches are among this year's nominees.

See more a list of all nominees HERE.

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Comments (25)

I can't imagine anyone more deserving. Don is a great teacher, coach and role model. Congratulations, Don.
By: Mike Timmermans on March 2nd 12:45pm
Way to go Mr. Lyle.
By: on March 2nd 12:48pm
I second Mike Timmermans' comment. Mr. Lyle is a great coach. First and foremost, he is a first class teacher. Vinton Shellsburg should be proud to have him.

Martin Blind
By: Martin Blind on March 2nd 12:54pm
I couldn't imagine anyone more deserving than Mr. Lyle. What an honor to even be nominated! What a great role model and mentor he has been to students throughout the years. My children benefited from his skills and talents when they attended VS.
By: Lisa Boeckmann on March 2nd 1:07pm
Mr. Lyle is a great example of what excellence is; in teaching and coaching.
By: on March 2nd 1:33pm
You have always been a consummate teacher and coach, and you still are. Our family applauds your selection as a candidate for this honor. Each of our kids profitted from your classroom and coaching abilities. We know some of those abilities are from that great Kinross gene base! :) You rock, Mr. Lyle
By: Janet Woodhouse on March 2nd 1:42pm
Mr. Lyle is one of the most respectful and caring individuals I've ever encountered. He encourages all students to excel in and out of the classroom and always maintains a positive attitude. Well done, Mr. Lyle!
By: Georgia (Meeker) Sysouchanh on March 2nd 2:35pm
Mr. Lyle is so deserving of this award. All three of my children and my husband had him as a teacher and coach and he has always been a great motivater in school and as a coach. He also taught and coached my husband when he first started at Vinton. We have been very fortunate to have him in our school district.
By: Gina Milroy on March 2nd 2:52pm
Congratulations Mr. Lyle! You are so deserving of this award. You are a great coach, teacher, and community member. Thank you for all you do!
By: on March 2nd 3:36pm
When I first began coaching the high school drama department one of my best students commented that he hoped to become a teacher and coach as positive, honorable and upstanding as Mr. Lyle. To me that is the highest praise an adult role model may receive. 6 of our 7 seven children (and we pray he continues through Gracie!) have benefited from his wisdom and excellence in the classroom and on the basketball court and track field. Don Lyle is so deserving of this honor!
By: Marcy Horst on March 2nd 4:30pm
Mr.Lyle is one of the best teachers I have had; he makes me get what he teaches. He is also one of the best coaches in our school district. Great Job Mr.Lyle!!!!!!!!
By: Tanner B on March 2nd 6:52pm
I have never met Mr. Lyle but both of my grandkids have had him as a teacher and he has a gift of getting students to understand the difficult and show them how easy it really is. He has the ability to reach within them and walk the path with them to success. This nomination comes as no surprise to me from all I have heard of Mr. Lyle
By: Monte Railsback on March 2nd 9:34pm
As a former student and athlete under the direction of Mr. Don Lyle. I can attest to the outstanding leadership he exhibits both as a teacher and as a coach. I don't believe you can find a single alum of Vinton Shellsburg that would disagree. What a tremendous honor for such a deserving person, he is already the winner in our hearts! WAY TO GO COACH LYLE!!
By: Nichole (Becker) McKenna on March 2nd 10:13pm
Congrats Coach! Honor to have you in sports and in the classroom. Who could forget the 100 word problems? You gave us days to do them and now I do problem solving all day!
By: Jane Wirth on March 2nd 11:24pm
Congrats to Mr/Coach Lyle. He is a wonderful and postive role model to all the young men and women he comes in contact with.We feel so blessed that he has been a part of our families lives in the class room and in all their sports. This nomination is well deserved and long overdue.
By: Ann & Bryan Edwards on March 3rd 12:02am
Now everyone knows what everyone in V-S district has known a long, long time - Don Lyle is the epitome of a caring & capable teacher and an awesome coach.
By: Sandra Huemann-Kelly on March 3rd 9:41pm
How Mr. Lyle hasn't already won this award is beyond me..he is not only a great teacher and coach, but a great man! He would do anything to help you and he truly cares about each of his students! He is definitely already a winner in Vinton's eyes...our community wouldn't be the same without you, Don!
By: on March 3rd 10:38pm
Don always cares about kids in the classroom, on the playing field, and their other activities. He can usually be seen at their band, vocal, and drama productions in addition to sporting events. But that may be because he is "always" at the school! My vote is for you :-).
By: Judy Trygstad on March 3rd 10:45pm
Two generations of our family have profitted from the dedication of Mr. Lyle in the classroom, sports arena and the community. We can't think of a more deserving nominee.
By: Boyd And Grace Milroy on March 4th 7:14pm
I am so pleased with your honor. You are always a true professional. You not only should be nominated for "Coach of the Year", but also "Outstanding Educator" of many years.
By: Connie Zenk on March 5th 9:22am
Go Sparky, you have always been a first class person.
By: Rod on March 5th 12:50pm
Mr. Lyle has taught and coached both of my sons, and I am so very grateful for this! He not only had a huge impact on them academically, but also has been a strong role model of what it means to be a good man along with a good competitor. He showed them that winning was great, but being a quality human being was the ultimate "win"!
By: Kathy Tranel on March 5th 1:10pm
The best teacher,coach and over all person this school has ever seen
By: Rick on March 5th 1:14pm
Mr/Coach Lyle is well deserving of this award he does nto quite coaching or teaching just because you are no longer part of his team or classroom. He wants to make sure all students/athletes achieve their goals. I wish there were more educators/coaches like him.
By: Steph (Schultz) Fuerstenberg on March 6th 9:03am
Wow! What an honor! I feel fortunate to have had Mr. Lyle as a math teacher and coach in 8th grade!
By: Erika Hodgson on March 19th 10:21pm

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