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This is one of many rows of solar panels that will soon provide enough electricity for 139 homes.

One of Iowa's biggest and newest green energy projects is under way in Urbana, where by mid-October, more than 3,7000 solar panels will be generating enough electricity to power 139 homes per year.

Urbana Solar Acres is one of five solar projects in progress by the Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO), which serves the East Central Iowa REC and a dozen other electric cooperatives in Iowa.

Urbana leaders joined REC and CIPCO management representatives in celebrating the progress of the project on Monday.

The silicon panels have a life expectancy of 25 years, and are built on a framework designed to withstand 90 mph winds and one-inch hail.

See how solar panels create electricity HERE. Learn more about the history of solar power and how silicon (not to be confused with silicone) works HERE.

See the original press release about the project, and the collaboration between REC and CIPCO HERE.

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So, can I anticipate my bill going down? I hope so!
By: Halane Cummings on August 31st 3:48pm

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