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I'm sorry we are no longer at this web address..

By Valerie Close · 9:48am September 6th, 2016
Dear Readers, If you are reading this article, you are still on our OLD website! To find our new site simply type in: (or click Here!) www.VintonToday.com This site is now an archival site for old news. We'd love to have you jump over to our new site. Be sure to bookmark the new address in your browser! See ya there!

Vinton Today, for tomorrow and beyond

By Dean Close · 11:00am September 2nd, 2016
“They want to know what we want in the new web site,” says Mrs. C. The rules of journalism tell me that I am supposed to include in “first reference” everything you need to know about the people mentioned – particularly who they are what what on earth they have to do with the story.

The Sappy Note and Heartfelt Thanks For the continued support

By Valerie Close · 10:51am September 2nd, 2016
On our last day on this magical site, and before we move to the NEW Website found at www.VintonToday.com, we wanted to take a few minutes to thank the men who without a dream and the know-how could not have made Vinton Today possible. I know Kurt and Lu Karr just hate it when we say…if it wasn’t for your dream…well we’d still be stuck with old fashioned print.

Thank You

By Kurt & Lu Karr · 10:22am September 2nd, 2016
This is the last day of our publication on the current website. After six years and millions of pages of information served to readers I think we can say it exceeded our expectations. Starting Tuesday, if everything goes well, Vinton Today will have a new look and new features, so it seems like a good time to say some thank-you’s.

Hope Chest closing; Svobodas to continue selling items online

By Dean Close · 9:06am August 31st, 2016
Mike and Joyce Svoboda plan to close The Hope Chest antique store on 4th Street in October, but the couple plans to continue selling antiques as well as their other products, on-line. An "everything must go sale is under way," with all items in the store now marked town 25 percent. On Saturday that discount increases to 35 percent, and will go up every week until the store closes, says Mike.

One of Iowa's biggest and newest green energy projects is under way in Urbana, where by mid-October, more than 3,7000 solar panels will be generating enough electricity to power 139 homes per year. Urbana Solar Acres is one of five solar projects in progress by the Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO), which serves the East Central Iowa REC and a dozen other electric cooperatives in Iowa.

GO VS cup fund-raiser underway at JQS

By Dean Close · 2:21pm August 30th, 2016
A favorite Vinton-Shellsburg GO VS (Generating Opportunities for Viking Scholars) fund-raiser is under way. From now until Christmas, VS familes can purchase a mug at John's Qwik Stop for $20, and refill it for free with coffee or soda from the fountain. The fund-raiser is one of many held by GO VS throughout the year.

A unique farewell to the brother of a Vinton resident inspired many spectators at Boomtown this year. Before the main show started, Melanie Peterson, sister-in-law of Jen Kreutner, pushed a button, and a single 8-inch wide, 18-pound shell blasted high above the track and exploded into a shower of orange streaks and bright lights.

Boomtown 10 fills Vinton with fireworks

By Dean Close · 9:20pm August 28th, 2016
The 10th annual Boomtown filled Vinton, and particularly the Benton County Fairgrounds, with the lights and sounds of fireworks on Saturday, as thousands gathered for the annual display by the members of the Iowa Pyrotechnic Association. After a display of individual home-made shells by IPA members, and several songs set to fireworks set up by the Junior Pyros, it was time for the grand finale.

First lesson in art is creativity, says Kindergarten teacher Otto

By Dean Close · 12:00pm August 26th, 2016
Attention, parents of VS Kindergarten students: If your child comes home and tells you that the art teacher said it's OK to color outside the lines, it's true. The first lesson in art, says Lindsey Otto, who has been teaching elementary art for a 14 years, the last 10 at Vinton-Shellsburg, is creativity.

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